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Ticket Packages

Colonial Charleston

Explore Charleston’s colonial past and discover what life was like in this wealthy colonial port city with the coming of the American Revolution. (learn more)

Charleston During the Civil War

Charleston, South Carolina is where it all began. Explore Charleston’s military and cultural history during the tumultuous time of the Civil War through period art, architecture, and artifacts. The sites within this package include an art museum, a historic house and a history museum for a wide variety of perspectives on the Civil War. (learn more)

African American Heritage

Explore Charleston’s rich African American heritage through art, historic sites and museum collections. Discover the distinctive Gullah culture of the Lowcountry, as well as the art and craftsmanship of Charleston’s African American community. Learn about the history of urban and plantation slavery and what followed after Emancipation. (learn more)

Best of Charleston Architecture

Explore downtown Charleston’s finest 18th and 19th century houses. Discover the unique beauty, craftsmanship and family histories each of these National Historic Landmark houses has to offer. (learn more)